Selby area Volkswagen owners club - SVWOC


Coming soon to a beer garden near you – summer 2010


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Why have a Selby area Volkswagen owners club?


My family moved to the Selby area during the late 1970s, even though I was only 7 years old at the time, I remember seeing a group of VWs meeting in a local pub, IÕm pretty sure that the pub was the Red Lion in Hambleton, but my memory is a little fuzzy! If anyone remembers the original club I would love to hear more about it.


During the summer of 2009, I became the owner of a VW 412LS Variant (commonly known as a Type 4) This car had been dry stored since 1991, and has various period window stickers from the 1970s and 80s, however the most interesting sticker for me was one from the original Selby owners club. So my mission is to try to re-establish the club.


There are already a number of long established VW clubs throughout Yorkshire, but hopefully there are enough owners within the Selby area to make an interesting monthly meet during the warmer times of the year. I am currently arranging for a small run of updated windows stickers, so if any air-cooled and water-cooled owners are interested, please drop me an email and IÕll send out some window stickers to help publicise the club.


I am currently working on a website and hope to have something in place by the end of February 2010.